Friday, February 20, 2009


My friend Vickie is a world traveler. She has had the opportunity to live in several great places (London & Venice to name a few) while her husband was on temporary assignment for his company. Vickie and Roland have brought us back "little treats" as she calls them, from many of these travels. I have pink silverware from the Middle East, fabric from England, heart shaped cups and saucers from India and chocolates from everywhere. Sonny really appreciates the chocolates and we both really appreciate their generous and giving hearts.

Vickie also does alot of traveling in our local area. When I am going somewhere, I stick to my agenda. I may see some interesting restaurant/shop and I will make a mental note to visit that sometimes in the future. Of course, I usually forget about it. Not Vickie! She is one of those people who sees something interesting and turns the car around so she can explore. Not only will she check out the business that caught her eye, but she will go to all of the surrounding shops. She really finds great places! The pictures above are of truffles from RainDrop Chocolates located off Waugh Drive. The box alone is really cute and unique so I loved that. However, the truffles are fabulous. I think that they are the best that I have ever had. You will notice that I only have one left! I have mentioned this to Vickie several times, but she just smiles. Do you think that she is getting the hint! Thanks for the special treat Vickie!!!

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