Tuesday, February 3, 2009


There is always a silver lining to every cloud. So, Hurricane Ike was terrible, but he brought me a gift - I got a new table! Yes, this beauty is one that I have eyeing for two years. It is long!!!!! However, we need it with our large family. This picture is without the extra leaves. With those in, we can seat 12 - 14 at one table. Never mind that the person seating at one of the ends can easily reach over and open the front door and that the person at the other end has a view of the kitchen! Hey at least we can now seat you.
I love tablescapes and now I can play to my heart's content with the extra space! This is my fall tablescape. Notice the chairs do not match! Those go with my old table, but new chairs will be coming soon. I am patient and will find just the right ones on clearance. Who knew that chairs cost more than the table!!

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