Thursday, August 13, 2009


We have always enjoyed New Braunfels and loved spending time there this summer. We had so much fun at Schlitterbahn and especially enjoyed the local restaurants. Being tourists, the local citizens have always been friendly and warm and have welcomed us adding to their local economy. However, this trip was different. We ran into a bunch of New Braunfels residents that were, well, I might as well just say it, rude! It was a good thing that we did not have our hearts set on playing golf, because these residents took over the golf course and could obviously care less if anyone got to play!
If you look up into the left hand corner of the below picture, you can see that they had no regard for the golfers trying to finish their game. Why these guys would just walk across the green and give a dirty look to anyone who dared played while they were around. They held up many a game.
The really bad part is that they are not tax paying citizens, yet they seem to think that they run the golf course!
They are not very friendly either. I tried to take this guy's picture and he turned and just walked off. Also, you will notice that he is giving me the evil eye. This picture was taken when the golf course was closed for the day. Obviously, everyone is suppose to be off the course. However, these guys don't care. As a matter of fact, even more of their friends joined them. I tried to get a close up of the trespassers, but they would run as they obviously did not want their crime to be documented on film. We got out of our car to try to get a good shot, but they were not happy at all about that. They even posted lookouts to watch us. All I can say is that they better enjoy it now. November 1 might bring an end to their life of crime.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


We love the Hill Country and always try to visit at least once a year. This year we spent our summer vacation enjoying all of our favorite spots there.

One of our favorite restaurants is The Gristmill.
This is one of Sonny's favorite foods to order when we are there. I admit that even I like them and I am not a french fry girl.

We always enjoy the view of the water from our table.

And you cannot get much better than this as far as a sunset. Thank you God for blessing Texas with the Hill Country.