Friday, February 6, 2009


When I really get on a roll, I do my "girly" trees. This year was on of those years. Despite the problems with the main Christmas tree, I decorated my light pink tree with all of my "favorite things" ornaments and my glittery pink tree (thanks Bubba and Dorothy) with my Paris ornaments. I need a better camera that takes really good close ups (hint, hint, Sonny!) but the famous pink poodle is on the Paris tree. That is an inside family joke!
Now many friends and family wonder about Sonny and all of the pink. He does have a tree. It is very, very male. It has fish lights and fishing, police and hunting ornaments. The problem is, if you want a tree, then you have to put it up. He did that twice and it has never happened again. He's grown use to the girly stuff and would miss it if it was gone. Right Sweetheart? Sweetheart, that is right isn't it???

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