Saturday, February 7, 2009


The new chairs are here! After patiently shopping on the internet, waiting for coupons and the offer of free shipping, I finally purchased chairs to match the new table. While they are not Pottery Barn chairs, they are a close match, solid wood, and a quarter of the cost! So we were really pleased.

I think that they match the table really well and it is a nice change to have sleek, more modern chairs instead of the huge high back chairs that we have had for so long. However, it was hard to say goodbye as alot of memories went out the door with them.

Now, here is the problem. The chairs to the right are a little dark and hard to see with the lighting in this picture, but you can definitely see the shining spot where there is no chair. One of them had a damaged seat. It has now been two weeks and the replacement chair is suppose to be "in the mail". Hopefully it will arrive soon. I did let a lady in customer service know that it was essential that I have that chair before my Bunco party. I'm sure that really hurried things up! According to all of my decorator sources, buying furniture over the internet is now the best and cheapest way to go. I'll let you know!

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