Tuesday, December 4, 2007


I really enjoy hosting luncheons for my girlfriends and family. While the holiday stress is already kicking into high gear, you can still make time to create a fun, relaxed lunch for your favorite girlfriends.

My creative side really goes in to overdrive when it comes to planning ladies' luncheons. I am a theme person and pink is my favorite color, so these dessert plates were perfect for my table. Guess where I got them - Dollar Tree! Each plate features a different wrapped gift in pink and green. Yes, they only cost $1.00 each. The white dinner plate underneath has raised snowflakes around the edges and they were also $1.00 at Dollar Tree. For $12.00 I have a beautiful table scape.

In my earlier tips on decorating your tree and home for the holidays, I mentioned not fighting your everyday decor. My dining room is done in pastel colors so these plates blend with items that I already have and make my pastel decor festive for the holidays!

Entertaining can be hectic this time of year, but what better way to show someone that they are special to you.

Saturday, December 1, 2007


Here is another quick recipe to help you during all of the holiday rush. This recipe was given to me by my good friend Gina. She is a fabulous cook and has given me several recipes that have become my favorites.


Frozen Bread Dough (8 in pkg)
Sliced Pepperoni
Deli Ham
Mozzarella Cheese

Take a jelly roll pan and prepare by spraying with a non-stick cooking spray. Also spray a sheet of saran wrap that is large enough to cover the cookie sheet. Take two loaves of the frozen bread dough and let rise all day on jelly roll pan. After the dough rises, punch down and roll out (use flour) as flat as you can. Now your dough is ready to be filled.

In the center, place deli ham, pepperoni, and cheese – one layer, or any of your favorite meat and cheese toppings.
After filling, take both sides and bring to center. Seal like a pocket.
Bake 350 for 20 – 30 min. Slice.

Serve with your favorite marinara sauce for dipping.