Sunday, January 10, 2010


For many years, my husband has traveled to Romania  with several from our Church.  The US teachers teach classes, preach, and have one on one Bible studies at the seven Churches that have been established in Romania.  I know you are thinking, "Wow, he can speak Romanian!"  The answer is ""NO".  While my husband has a pretty good command of the English language and can speak a little Spanish, he and the other American teachers do not even attempt to teach or  preach in Romanian.  He as well as the other Americans are provided a translator and while it is a little tricky at first, trying to learn to pace your words so that the translator doesn't get too far behind or even ahead of you (which is scary), one adapts very quickly.  I have had the privilege to go on one trip with him and it is such a blessing to get to know these sweet people. 

The ladies at the Church in Pitesti meet each week to sew together.  They make quilts for the many in Romanians who face harsh winters with very little income.  Most of these ladies also have very limited incomes and are facing soaring prices on all goods available in Romania, but they have a true servant's heart.  I am very humbled by them.

Pitesti is a large city, but many of the other seven Churches are in the countryside.  It can be quite startling to adjust to having to use outdoor facilities instead of the nice Ladies' Rooms that we have in our Churches here in the US.  My mind goes back to one that had 4 walls, but no roof!  I guess if something had to be missing, I would rather it be the roof.  While the cities in Romania are not picturesque, the countryside can be quite beautiful and quaint. (Except for the above mentioned outdoor facilities!) 

Also, when you go to the Churches located in the villages, you get to meet sweet people like these.  This building use to be a bar.  From what I hear, the owner made a very good living selling the favorite Romanian wine.  When he became a Christian, he closed the bar and now Church services are held here each Sunday.  We are continually awed by his commitment to God.  I bet the devil didn't like that one bit!  All of these people walk to Worship Services.  Cars are definitely a luxury item.  As you can see by the way everyone is bundled up, it was a cold day and many walk long distances.  Yes, we continue to be humbled and learn so much from our brothers and sisters in Romania.

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