Sunday, January 10, 2010


You know I can't help it.  I love to decorate my table. 

I normally decorate with white pumpkins, but this year, I fell in love with  bronze pumpkins.  You will note them scattered about on the table.  These pumpkins started their lives as ugly, bright orange pumpkins in a bag at Wally Mart.  They were very cheap but very ugly.  You know I love to spray paint so I bought a can of Metallic Bronze and sprayed away.  This was the result and I love them.  Of course, I have to have place cards.  These cute turkey ones were available from Martha Stewart's web site for free. 

The jeweled bronze candle holders with the diamond pendants are a new addition.  I got these at the Michael's half price sale and just love them.  An added bonus was that when I lit the candles, the light dancing against the bronze was beautiful and I wasn't expecting that.  A nice surprise!  I got lots of compliments and it made the tablescape feel  elegant.  That is quite a feat when you consider there were turkeys and pumpkins all over the table. 

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