Thursday, January 14, 2010


Those of you who know me know that I am all about white and pastels. My husband claims that I will spray paint anything white and he is right. However, a strange occurrence happened this year. It started with this:

My new obsession with bronze!  You know how I am about those white pumpkins and yet, I fell in love with bronze this year and in a previous post, I told you all about how I made these pumpkins.  OK, so bronze is a "Fall Color" and I thought it would stop there.  I was wrong.  Look at this:

I found a large container of bronze Christmas ornaments for 50 % off at Hob Lob and poured them into my bronze square container.  The result was stunning. This is my kitchen table and since the top is made with hand painted sun flower tiles, it is hard to see that this does indeed match the kitchen area. The brown tones in the sunflowers, the wood trim around the tiles and  the kitchen chairs perfectly compliment this centerpiece.  The picture does not show it very well, but the bronze ornaments are different textures.  The glitter and jewel cut ornaments really catch the light and look so rich.  I got more compliments on this than I did on any of my other decorations.  Even my husband liked it, which is saying alot!

Pictures of my Snow Village.

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