Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Galveston has always been special to Sonny and I. We both have so many great childhood memories of trips there - even camping trips. We now really sympathize with our poor Mothers when we think about that, but that is another story.

We took our own children on lots of outings to Galveston. Even now, one of our favorite ways to spend a Saturday is to go down to Galveston, sit on the sea wall and read, wander around the historic district and eat at a favorite restaurant. Since Hurricane Ike, we had not been to our beloved city because we knew it would break our hearts.
I saw a tiny bit of the destruction going to and from the cruise terminal. However, Sonny explored alot of the island when he dropped us off for the cruise. He decided I could handle it and we drove down two weeks ago. As long as you stay on the sea wall, things are not so bad. The first picture was included to show you the cruise ship we travled on leaving Galveston for another cruise. As you can see, the sea wall and the jetties are still there. One good thing is there is alot more beach in some places as the city has been hauling in alot of sand. Most of the seawall restaurants are open for business also.
It is sad that the fishing piers are gone and all that is left of Murdocks is just a few sticks standing in the water.
So, I was holding up pretty well until we went down Broadway to go to the historic district to eat. The first thing I noticed was that all of the beautiful flowers and oleanders are either gone or dead. Those beautiful oak trees that lined Broadway were bare just as though it was winter. Most all the plant life is dead. I was so shocked I didn't even take a picture. It was that way pretty much throughout downtown also. The businesses are slowly coming back to life, but alot are still in the rebuilding process, especially on the strand. I know it could have been worse, but it is still sad.
As we drove around, we saw two beautiful weddings, so life goes on, even without trees.

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