Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Before we even got off the boat, I told Mom that she was going to miss being pampered. Seven days of non stop service will do that to you. I also told her not to call Sonny and I and say any of the following because we were not picking up where the cruise left off!!!!

Why is my bed not turned down and a cute towel animal on my pillow?

I need my hot tub and pool!

What happened to the beautiful water outside my window?

Where is the fabulous French dining room with all of the wonderful waiters?

I want to eat lunch in either the Monet dining room, the Lido deck buffet, the pool side grill, or maybe I should just order room service!

Yes, I warned her. Don't think she hasn't tried to at least get us to fold her some cute towel animals. It is hard to come back to reality. Well, to tell you the truth, right about now I wouldn't mind having lunch at the pool side grill or maybe even some room service! Glad you had such a wonderful time Mom!


Vickie and Debra Sims said...

Hey girl you know how to live! I was so excited to see your pictures. I am down with the crud so I spent a day surfing the net and catching up. So glad you and mom had such a good trip. We missed you while you were away. Hugs...Vickie

Dorothy / Bubba said...

Looks like you all had fun. And yes, you do get spoiled on cruises! love ya D & B