Monday, April 13, 2009


My Mom has an extreme gene. Thankfully, while she has passed it on to innocent family members, it is in a much weaker form. Mom has the "motion sickness" gene and it is the worse kind. She doesn't even have to be on a moving object to experience motion sickness. She can merely look at a floating boat, moving car or flying plane and become deathly ill. She also does not bother with such things as patches or pills to prevent becoming ill. Thus, no one in the family will willingly travel with her.

It became her goal to take a vacation and after many, many months of negotiations, she
convinced me to go on a cruise. Now mind you, starting six months out, I called her every day to remind her to get patches, pills, motion sickness bracelets, and any other motion sickness remedy known to mankind. She also had to promise that she would actually use them while on the trip. Many family members called or wrote me to first see if I was out of my mind, and then, once they were satisfied that I was indeed sane, warned me of the big mistake that I was making.

Thus, it was with a heavy heart that I got on the boat with her and watched land slowly disappear. However, miracles do still occur. I am pleased and proud to report that Mom did not get sick. She used all of her meds. and cruised like a veteran sailor. Who knew!
It was a great time of the year to cruise. The seas were beautiful and for the most part, calm. However, with all schools back in session after spring break, I will tell you that 75% of the people on the boat were her age and older. My single sons were glad to learn that bit of information so that they could better time their cruise should they decide to schedule one.

These pictures were taken in Key West, Freeport and Nassau. Mom had a great time and is ready to get back on the boat!

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