Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Daryl N. left on the Spring Break Romania Mission Trip last Thursday. Sonny was not able to go this time and agreed to fill in at The Bent Oaks Church of Christ in Rockport, where Daryl is currently preaching. Daryl and Ann graciously let us stay at their place in Rockport, which is right on the water. Note the gorgeous view!

Although it rained alot and was very cold (lower 40's), we hated to complain as all of Texas really needs the rain. Too bad it made the fishing off. However, Sonny did manage to catch two of his favorite fish - Speckled Trout.
We really enjoyed our time on the water and the Bent Oaks congregation treated us so warmly. We enjoyed getting to know all of them. If you are in Rockport, make sure you take the opportunity to worship with them. I bet Daryl will even let you fish off his pier!


Bobbie Brodsgaard said...

Oh, so sorry the weather was so lousy. I remember spending the kids' spring break one year in Rockport and it was the same kind of weather - cold and raining. Really disappointing. But, a bad day in Rockport is better than a good day in Baytown!

Jane H said...

Now Bobbie...some of us still HAVE to live here! We can't all move off to Muldoon! :)