Tuesday, March 10, 2009


These are the latest thing from Wilton. They are really fun to decorate. Use your favorite brownie recipe and the new silicone molds by Wilton.

I have several tips after making alot of these. They will not come out of the mold in one piece unless you let them cool completely. I mean cold! I now believe that this is the reason that silicone pans are not liked by many bakers. It goes against all the rules of conventional baking. One of the first things we learn is to get a cake out of the pan before it completely cools or it will stick. So, this new rule can be hard to deal with!

The second tip is to buy more than one pan. I got a great deal on mine with a 50% off coupon at Michael's. However, I will watch for another coupon and buy another pan before I make these again. Since you have to wait for them to cool completely, this project will take you all day with one pan. I got so frustrated that I almost caved in and went to Michael's to buy a pan at full price!

Last, I think that using "chunky" sprinkles really makes these cute. They give more of a 3 D effect. I also think they look more professionally done.

This is a fun and easy project and great for kids!

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