Thursday, March 19, 2009


On Thursday, Emma and I made a trip to downtown Houston. Emma was very impressed with the downtown area. Our first stop was lunch at the Dessert Gallery. While the food was very good, dessert was definitely Emma's favorite part.

She ordered the "Design your own cookie platter". Now this is a great idea. The plate arrived with 2 plain sugar cookies and assorted colored icings and sprinkles. Emma decorated and ate a pink bear and was able to take home the fish cookie, icings and sprinkles in a take out box so that she could decorate the other cookie at home to be enjoyed by Mom, Dad and Ben.

Our next stop was The Mad Potter. This is one of those cute places where you can paint a ceramic item of your choice. Emma chose a unicorn. We have to wait a week for it to be fired, but I can tell you that Emma shares my love of pink so it will definitely be a beautiful unicorn.

Granddaughters are so much fun!!!!

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