Saturday, March 21, 2009


When you are on an outing with grandchildren, one of the privileges that comes with being a grandparent is that you no longer have to follow the rules that you had for your own children. A stop at a cute cupcake shop for yet another dessert, in the middle of the afternoon, is definitely OK in grandparent land. (Sorry Adam and Carey!!! Well, maybe not!!!)

Sugarbaby's is one of the new "cupcakes only" bakeries that are the latest rage. This place is so cute. It has black and white tiling with elegant pink decor. Cupcake merchandise fills the shelves. Emma was quite taken with the cupcake bath fizzes. I had a hard time leaving behind the cupcake and Paris dishes. However, the beautiful cupcakes displayed in the large bakery case makes you forget about the other merchandise. Sugarbaby's caters to those of us who love icing! Emma chose the chocolate truffle cupcake. As you can see, it has a huge pile of chocolate icing with chocolate shavings sprinkled on top. What you can't see is that a chocolate truffle is baked inside! It is really yummy, but can cause a chocolate overload! Emma was not able to finish the cupcake (I'm sure much to her Mom and Dad's relief) so we had yet another item to share back home with them!

If you get a chance to go into to Houston, put Sugarbaby's on your list as a place to visit. Emma and I might have to go back and try out those chocolate dipped strawberry cupcakes! I think the grandsons might demand to go with us!

Sorry about the small pictures. These were taken with my camera phone as Sonny has our camera to record his Spring Break Trip with the grandsons! More on that later, if he remembers to take pictures!!!

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Dorothy / Bubba said...

We wouldn't know....can't get our children to give us any grandchildren! love you both D & B