Sunday, July 19, 2009


Why am I showing you my shoes and hat without me in them? Well, as I have looked back through my photos, I have discovered that the majority of my vacation pictures show me in these type of shoes. Yes, they are water shoes, instead of one of the many pairs of cute and fashionable heels that I own. Yes, water shoes! Now they may have been different colors over the years, as they tend to wear out pretty quickly, but they are still water shoes. You will note that they are very unglamorous water shoes at that! You see, most of our vacations involve water - ocean water, lake water, river water, Schlitterbahn water, underground cave water and even Louisiana swamp water. There are probably more, but you get the idea. These same vacation photos also show me in a variety of very unglamorous hats like the one shown below. I am also usually in some type of bathing suit cover up or a very large t-shirt, slathered in suntan lotions of various kinds. Are you getting the picture yet. There is an opening in the back of the below hat. My hair is usually in a pony tail, hanging out of the back opening. My bangs are also smashed flat by the bill of the hat. Not a very pretty sight!
Looking back at all of these pictures, I am always soaking wet, so the hat, shoes and shirt/cover up really look limp, baggy and generally very unfashionable, along with my hair, which may have even started out as a summery and cute "do".
I also have alot of pictures with "snorkel mask face". This is what happens when you push your snorkel mask up on to the top of your head and your husband takes a picture of you with a huge red ring around the upper part of your face. Oh yes, and your hair is also pushed up and stuck underneath the mask in a very unbecoming manner.
I even have a variety of pictures that show me in a tube floating down Hill Country rivers. No matter who you are, these are never flattering. I usually have on a cowgirl hat, much to my daughter's complete embarrassment.
Now I do have cute bathing suits and cover ups, but you can't wear them during our water activities. They just will not hold up to black tubes and river water or salt water. Also, one trip to Schlitterbahn leaves them in shreds.
As I sadly looked back over these photos the other day, I thought about what future generations would think of their great, great grandmother pictured in various forms of soggy attire. Sure there are family holiday pictures of me all dressed up, but there are many, many more of these soggy vacation pictures. They will think that I spent all of my spare time participating in some water activity. Then I realized something. Since the majority of these pictures show me happily involved in a water sport, my future heirs will think what a cool, athletic woman I was! They will say, "Wow, wasn't she something! She was a total water athlete and at her age, can you believe it. I bet that is why little Karen (named after me of course) is so athletic!!!" It made me smile. Those of you who know me well would never even think of using the word "athletic" in your description of me. So, I tucked all of those pictures back into their various boxes and albums, secure and happy in the knowledge that a whole new generation of relatives will think I was an ATHLETE!
Note to self: Delete this post when I get a little older so that future generations will not read this, which would totally spoil my athletic image!

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