Friday, July 17, 2009


We had a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the Fourth. Sonny has a good friend who works in the Federal Reserve Building. Every year The Fed hosts a Fourth of July party. The big downtown Houston celebration is right in their back yard. Tinsley Park is across the street. Clay Walker preformed and we had a front row seat for the fireworks. We also were treated to dinner and a V.I.P. tour of The Fed. Have you ever tried to pick up a gold bar? They are really heavy! We also got to tour the historical section that included Confederate and Union money among other old bills. Also, a $10,000.00 bill and a $5,000.00 bill were displayed.

We were able to take along some of the younger Goodes. Ethan was absolutely fascinated with the large clear columns filled with shredded worn out bills that had be taken out of circulation. Everyone received a small tube that contained 20 shredded bills of various denominations. He was very disappointed when he was told that he would be unable to piece them back together. Still - the possibility kept him pumped all night.

You will notice that we were so close to the stage that Ben had to wear ear protectors. Ethan looks a little sleepy in this picture (probably dreaming of all that he could buy if he could piece those bills together) and Emma is not pictured as she never sat down. She found a new friend to play with. It was a fun evening and the fireworks were fantastic.

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