Saturday, July 18, 2009


This use to be an entrance hall coat closet. It has now been redone into a sewing/craft closet. Did my husband do this for me? No! Is this my closet in my home? No! Instead, this closet is in the home of son and daughter-in-law, Adam and Carey. Why is this not in my home? I don't know. Not that Carey doesn't really, really deserve this. After all, she did give us three wonderful grandchildren. Also, she sews better than anyone that I know. She is so talented. She also sews alot!!
Notice how when the door is opened, you see this! A neatly organized and creative space. Did my husband, father of Adam and Papaw of the 3 gorgeous grandchildren help with this project? No! Did he even show any interest in letting Adam teach him how to do this? No! Instead he was just very impressed and so proud that Adam and Carey created and completed this beautiful work space.
Not that I am bitter about this in anyway. Carey sews alot of what the grandchildren wear, complete with elaborate costumes for school activities. She even recovered a couch in the blink of an eyes. I am constantly amazed. However, I do wish that my husband would also take an interest in home improvements like his son!! Hint! Hint!

OK, so I don't sew much anymore but I can still be jealous of this space. Dear husband, if you are reading this, maybe I would sew more if I had this space. Or maybe not! However, I do love organized and pretty spaces and who wouldn't love to open up a closet and see these beautiful color coordinated jars of ribbons and notions. It is definitely inspiring.
Adam and Carey, can you keep the talent a little more hidden? You are making the rest of us look very bad! Love you two!!!

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