Thursday, May 28, 2009


As I mentioned in my last post, Bubba fried fish for us. Please note Saturday's catch in the square pan. Bubba even fried the fish in two different kinds of batter - half in beer batter and half in corn meal batter. Let me tell you, Sonny just kept eating those fish as fast as Bubba could fry them. Of course, that was just so that he could decide which batter he liked best. To be completely fair, Sonny decided that we were going to have to go up another weekend and let Bubba fry another batch. He can then do another taste test, and maybe reach a final decision! This could take all summer - get the frying pan ready Bubba!!
Dorothy has decorated her house beautifully. We stay in the "Rose Bedroom" when we visit and it is as pretty as any Bed and Breakfast that you have ever been to. (Also, remember the pancakes!) So it was with much horror that I discovered the above bag full of bait sitting on Dorothy's pretty kitchen counter tops. I know that Dorothy is probably use to it, but still . . .!!!
Thankfully they did not stay in the house to long. Instead, they went in the boat with the fishermen and were partly responsible for the below picture! Mrs. 25 lb. Catfish decided to have an afternoon snack and did not realize that 3 men were waiting for her. It took one man to drive the boat, one to hook her on the line and another to haul her in the boat with a net to keep the line from breaking or her slipping off the hook. As you can see, they were successful. That is alot of catfish fillets!!
Over our three day stay, the men fished most of the time and they really caught alot of fish! The guys did allow us to go with them the first afternoon and it was so nice to be on the lake.
However, they really got down to business after that and that did not include us, as I think we cramped their style. The lake might be Sonny's favorite spot, but while he is off fishing, I am enjoying my favorite spot. "Sonny, can you bring me a glass of tea before you take off fishing?"


Dorothy / Bubba said...

You are so funny, of course I'm use to minnows on the counter. Just glad you didn't see the worms in the fridge! love y'all D & B

Dorothy / Bubba said...

I forgot, that building in Paris that you didn't know what it was...remember on that plate. It was Notre Dame. D

Cathy Messecar said...

Karen, you won the book drawing for the month at May at The Stained Glass Pickup blog.

Thanks for adding me to your blog roll.

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Cathy Messecar said...


Sorry for the many typos in the former post, not very professional for an author.

The hardback gift books are nearly typo free...just a few got past me and publisher...

Karen said...

Dorothy, I have seen Notre Dame in person several times. That image on the plate was not a very good likeness of it. No wonder I did not recognize it. It looked more like the Alamo to me.