Thursday, May 21, 2009


I always try to change my dining room
decorations every month.
April in Paris is one of my favorite themes and I confess that I have kept it through May. Guess I should call it Spring Time in Paris.

I wish I could say that I got all of these items at the Dollar Store, but that was not the case. I was close however. Most everything came from Marshalls so it was at a deep discount.
Sylvia, Donnie and Christine gave me a gift certificate from Pier One and that is where I found these beautiful runners. An added bonus is that they are reversible. On the other side is a beautiful flower pattern. I was so excited as the striped pattern side of the runner matches my Eiffel Tower Picture, that I have had for several years.
Since I am now working with a very large table (and I don't even have all of the leaves in) I have found that most runners are too short. My solution is to put two runners together and place the center decoration over the seam to disguise it. It really works well.
OK girlfriends! Where are all of you? You better clear your calendars because I have some Paris dishes that need using!!!!!


Bobbie B said...

I'm right here!!!! Don't forget me!!!!

Eiffel Tower Suzy said...

OMG - you are me. I have Eiffel Towers everywhere, too! Every room, every corner. I am obsessed.

Since you are a Paris lover, may I suggest Eric posts a new photo of Paris every day at midnight (Paris time).

Come join the fun in the comments box. If you go back a week or so, you'll see that we just had our annual gathering in Paris. It's a fun group which includes many actual Parisans.