Thursday, May 28, 2009


For Memorial Day Weekend, we went to Lake Livingston to see Buffy and Daphne who are pictured above. They run the house. However, they did let their people come out and play with us, so we also had a good time with Bubba and Dorothy Kay.
Now Bubba and Dorothy are some of the most hospitable people that we know. If you spend the weekend with them, Dorothy will fix you a fabulous breakfast using fresh farm eggs and her pancakes are to die for. Bubba also cooks for us. As you can see, we had a fish fry, but more about that in the next post. Let me tell you, there is nothing better than Bubba's home cooking on the porch.

This is the beautiful view that we enjoyed as we ate our meals on their front porch. Thanks for a great, relaxing weekend!

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Dorothy / Bubba said...

Glad you came up. Bubba did it again today 60 White Bass caught, but only brought home 35. Not to me, I don't like that kind. Got to be Crappie. See you soon, D & B