Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Yes, I have been to busy to blog, but not to busy to give parties! My daughter has been fussing at me because I have not continued my blogging. So Jenny, with your gentle nudging, I am back at it again.

I gave this party in January for my friends Jane, Shirley and Cindy. They have December and January Birthdays!

Notice my place card holders. These are chip bag clips! I found them at HEB in Rockport, TX and yes, they were on the chip aisle. I could not resist them. So cute! I would not let the girls take them home as favors as I plan on using them again!

Now I must admit that I really enjoyed making the party invitations. I love stationary and the computer has opened up a whole new world for me. You can make anything. I find myself wanting to give parties so that I can create a new invitation. I also love cupcakes so these were perfect.

While dessert is always our favorite thing, I served a dish called Avocado Slaw that everyone loved. I got this recipe from my Mother and it is so easy, yet delicious. Everyone tries to guess what the ingredients are. I think that the Hellman's mayo is what makes the difference.


1 Bag Coleslaw Mix, (Wash & Dry)
1 bunch green onions, chopped
Hellman’s mayo (Only Hellman’s)
4 avocados, cubed
Toss coleslaw, onions, & avocados together. Add mayo until creamy. Serve immediately as avocados will turn brown.


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Cindy said...

GEE WIZ, Karen...I knew you were very feminine. But I had no idea just how much!!! And as you know from my childhood...I was the biggest tomboy God ever created. How can we possibly be related??? Only through God's blessings, that made us cousins, in spite of our distinct differences in what it means to have a great party. (Did you get my email? Party this Friday, my place, dress: recommended but not required. Sock wrestling anyone??)Love you cousin!
Cindy P.S. Don't copy this to my parents -- they are under the impression that I have out grown my tomboy days, which pleases my mom and irritates my dad. ;-)