Tuesday, June 24, 2008


This has to have been one of my favorite parties! My sister loves Audrey Hepburn and we both love Breakfast at Tiffany's. So, for her birthday, I gave a Breakfast at Tiffany's' party. I had so much fun planning it. I used this poster for a "Save the Date" email to all the guests.
I printed the invitations on Tiffany Blue Stationary and used this picture of Audrey on the front of the invitation. Everyone was instructed to wear black and pearls. On the inside of the invitation I printed a jewelry box with a string of pearls in it. I glued real pearls on the necklace as an embellishment
Yes, I found tiaras, like Audrey's, for everyone to wear.
I must say, I thought that everyone would be a little more enthusiastic about them! There seem to be alot of complaining about having to wear them. (:

Here they all are with a smile on their faces! One important guest was missing. My daughter Jenny was sick and could not join us. We sure missed you Jenny!

Of course, I always love creating a tablescape. The Tiffany Boxes in the center of the table are actually real. No, my dear husband does not buy me jewelry from Tiffany's, but my favorite boss and his wife always buy me a Christmas ornament from Tiffany's every year and I just can't throw the boxes away. I found the Tiffany blue sacks and small boxes at a party store. I used the sack to hold the silverware. The favor boxes have pearl bracelets in them for each guest. I used double sided white satin ribbon for the bows, just like Tiffany's!
Please note my bargain deals! I needed something to go between the place mat and plate since both are Tiffany blue. I found white crochet doilies at the Dollar Tree for $1.00. Also, as a place card, I used a pearl initial of each guest's name on her plate. I found those at Michael's in their dollar bin. In keeping with the pearl theme, I used pearl napkin rings and scattered pearls down the center of the table.
I love to decorate, but I bet you are wondering about the party food. I'll give you the low down on my next post!

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