Friday, October 23, 2009


I love kitchen gadgets and I can be easily persuaded to purchase them. In my defense, I have purchased many that proved to be great time savers and performed as promised. And, my dear husband totally encourages me in this endeavor, as he looks hungrily at the pictures of the tempting food displayed on the box of the latest miracle gadget. However, not all can be winners, right? Who knew that the omelet pan that was divided in half, so that you could fold the other half over to make the perfect omelet could never be perfected. Oh yes, and there was the stove top pancake maker that closed so that you could flip the pan instead of having to flip the pancake. The problem with that was that it worked perfectly, but you could only slowly make one pancake at a time. I still love the boiled egg maker that is shaped like a chicken and clucks when the eggs are ready! And then there was the . . . well, you get the picture.

My husband is a huge breakfast person, but how many ways can you fix eggs? It can be quite a challenge. Frankly, I have just about run out of breakfast ideas, especially those that do not require hours in the kitchen. Besides the typical eggs and bacon, I've made every type of french toast, pancakes and muffins known to Southern cooks. Also, we have run the full gamut of cereals. I had to give up my Cocoa Cocoa Pebbles for Kashi and you know that is no fun! I have also made every variation of oatmeal and grits, and they are not the instant kind.

So, I was quite excited when I was at Marshalls, in Katy Mills, and came across this egg thingey. This new gadget cooks omelets in the microwave. I know, you are thinking, yeah right, but I decided to try it.

You crack two eggs in a bowl, mix them well with a fork and then add your favorite omelet ingredients. This was for my dear husband, who was watching this whole procedure with skepticism in his eyes. I then added cream cheese and fresh diced tomatoes, onions and cilantro. So far so good, as this is so easy and much faster than a traditional omelet. Last, you put the lid on and microwave for 2 minutes and 30 seconds. OK, I'm impressed.

Out of the microwave it came, off came the lid and well, I had what looked like an egg ball that had been deflated. At this point, my husband began slowly inching towards the cereal box, never mind it was Kashi with flax seeds and wheat germ. Oh ye of little faith! Let me at least dump it out onto a plate and get a closer look.

That was the secret. Once on a plate, you chop it with a fork and it magically unfolds to a full size omelet that is soft, fluffy, and absolutely delicious. Now granted, it is not your neatly folded kind, but it sure tasted like it. We were amazed. If you insist on the traditional folded omelet, just close your eyes while you eat it. You will never know the difference.

I am so glad that I had sense enough to buy two of these so that I could make breakfast for both of us at the same time and in only 5 minutes. My dear husband, who is known for dropping things, decided I should buy at least one more, just in case there was an accident. After all, it is shaped like a slippery egg with no handles, so we know it is just an accident waiting to happen. So, off to Marshalls I go and every other kitchen store. There are none to be found and it has been several months since I have been on this egg hunt. So, if you happen to see these, grab them. Oh and please pick me up at least one more.


Bobbie B said...

I'll check at the Muldoon Marshall's!

Leigh7880 said...

I LOVE it! Now I want one!