Thursday, November 5, 2009


Last week I went to Lake Livingston to visit Bubba and Dorothy.  On Thursday, Dorothy and I got up early and went to Canton for First Monday Trade Days.  The threat of rain kept alot of people away, which made Dorothy and I happy. 

There are always fads and trends at Canton and I thought that I would share some of them with you. 

The first thing we noticed was that an unusual number of women were sporting these boots.  Now granted, it was suppose to rain, but all too soon it became clear that these were more of a fashion statement than a way to keep your feet dry.  These boots came in a number of colors and styles.  The animal prints were very popular and most booths were sold out the first day.  Many of the women wore these with their jeans stuffed in them so that the whole boot was displayed.  Also, a number of ladies had shirts that matched their boots.  However, we were really amazed at the ladies that wore these boots with dresses.  As usual, Dorothy and I were way ahead of the trend.  I bought pink rubber boots in Galveston 4 years ago, but I used them when I beach combed in the winter.  Dorothy also has a polka dot pair that she has worn for several years while she dug clams in Oregon.  We were so silly - we thought these were for muddy activities! 

On the craft scene, old silver platters were re-purposed.  I really loved this as I love menu boards of all kinds.  This is so cute and so simple.  Why can't I think of these things!

Of course, what would Canton be if it did not have tons of booths selling dry mixes of all types.  You know the ones!  You only have to add a few ingredients and presto, you have a gourmet dish.  We saw booth after booth displaying samples of every kind of soup or cheese ball known to mankind but we were very skeptical.  Then we discovered Homemade Gourmet.  Dorothy and I were very unsure about these mixes as they are just so "instant" to us.  Not that we are against easy, but we want a homemade taste.  We had to be coaxed into trying the samples but one taste and we were sold.  We really loved the Chocolate Pecan Cheesecake Mix.

Of course, Dorothy added to her wrought iron collection and I added to my vintage cookbooks.  Yes, it was a successful trip! 

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