Thursday, October 15, 2009


It is October, mid-October, and the weather, my allergies and my blog still think it is summer. I was so happy because I had no allergies during my usual time of late spring to Sept. Of course, I realized that it was because of the drought which kept the Johnson grass from blooming. However, I thought that Johnson grass had a season to bloom like wildflowers. If the Bluebonnets have a bad year due to drought, it is over until the next year. Apparently that is not the case for Texas Johnson Grass, but I didn't know it.

I happily spent all spring and summer traveling and doing outdoor activities, instead of writing on this blog. I was free from allergies and asthma. Free to enjoy the outdoors. I was so excited when Sept. came and thought I was home free. After all, Fall and Winter are my allergy free seasons. However, between the rain and heat in September, the Johnson Grass came forth like there was no tomorrow. The bad side of this is that I haven't felt like doing anything for the last 6 weeks because I can't breathe. The good side is that I have cleared out lots of space on the DVR so that Sonny can record his hunting and fishing shows.

Apparently the weather in this area does not know that summer has ended either. We have only had two cool days so far. The high for today was 91 degrees and the "feels like" temperature was 101 degrees. Don't you just love these fall days in the Houston area.

Also, my blog doesn't know summer is over because I have a back up of summer time postings. Here are a few of the summer happenings below:Cousin Day in Chappell Hill at Jeremy's and Aunt Victoria's.
Notice that Victoria and I are smiling because we are about to have lunch at a wonderful Italian restaurant in Brenham.

Papaw with Ethan, Jeremy and Emma.

Notice how he is smiling and looking so rested in this picture. He took all of the Goode grandchildren swimming at the Blue Bell Aquatic Center, by himself. He didn't look as rested when he returned from an action packed day of swimming, McDonald's and soccer practice. He was still smiling!

We also celebrated Ryan's birthday in late August. We had fun but missed Matt and Jenny.

Ryan usually requests a homemade cookie cake for his birthday. Of course, Mom always makes him one. These are the pictures that I took before anyone arrived. However, I did my usual thing of laying the camera down as soon as the first person arrived and never picked it back up. So, I have no pictures of the other food or the guest of honor. I hate it when that happens.

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