Saturday, June 27, 2009


Alot of people don't blog very often because they just don't have anything they wish to share or they forgot to take pictures. I have a ton of pictures and happening that I need to share with you so that is not my excuse for not blogging in June. Sometimes bloggers just don't have the time. I will admit that I am behind because we were only home 8 days in a 4 week time period. However, the main reason that I have not kept up with my blogging is that I have been traumatized. What Mother wouldn't be when her daughter/baby ups and suddenly decides to move across the country. How can one blog during times like these? Well, OK, if you read the post directly below this one, you know that she did prepare me somewhat, but still! I'm traumatized! However, I did manage to pull myself together and give her a going away party.

Matt & Jenny love the ocean so that was the theme.
I got the cute palm leaf place mats at the Pottery Barn Outlet. The fish netting that I used as a runner was purchased at Wal Mart in their clearance bin. The menu consisted of some of Jenny's favorite dishes. Notice those pink sand pails - they contain one of her favorite desserts, Dirt Cake. I will post the recipe later. No need for a centerpiece when you can use the dessert as one.

All the guests were asked to bring a Texas themed gift.
What Texas girl can leave the state and survive without an ice tray that produces ice shaped like Texas!
Also, the number one complaint of displaced Texans is the lack of good picante sauce once you leave Texas. So we fixed them up complete with a Texas shaped crystal sauce bowl in which to serve it.
Jenny and Matt are now safely in Colorado and have settled nicely into their new home. They love it and have already been camping in the mountains. However, Jenny has found a few drawbacks. She cannot find Blue Bell Ice Cream, even though she was told that the Russell Stover candy shops carry it. I think that is about to become a crisis! Also, Colorado does not have the Hair Salon Chain that she uses. She did find one in Wyoming, but Matt would not give the OK for her to make that drive when she needs to get her hair done. Sometimes men just don't understand! (<;

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Dorothy / Bubba said...

OK Karen, it is time to get a grip! I bet you will see more of her since she has moved away, than when she was here. So, plan that trip...let's go! love D