Friday, February 5, 2010


We did something very different for Christmas this year.  We were not in Texas.  Usually, even if we travel during the holidays, we always come back for Christmas with the family.  This year, we went to Colorado to celebrate Christmas with Jenny and Matt.  Ryan was also able to join us.  I have seen very little snow in my life and to have the privilege to spend the Christmas holidays in such a beautiful place was a dream come true.  It actually snowed Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, so I was absolutely thrilled.  

We spent Christmas Eve on Copper Mountain.  Guess what we did?

We went snow tubing and it was so much fun.  Notice we are pretty bundled up.  It was -17 degrees!!  Even I was forced to wear a hat.  No comments please!

Me and my sweet children

The snow view from Jenny and Matt's apartment.

And now, the DOWNSIDE to snow and ice!!!!

Did you know that when you go anywhere in a car, you have to allow at least 20 minutes to de-ice the car?  This South Texas girl did not know that.  Every time we stopped to eat or sight see, this process would have to be repeated!  Thank you Sonny, Ryan, Jenny & Matt for letting me be the Princess. 

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