Monday, November 26, 2007


What is the hottest trend in Christmas trees for 2007? Here it is - a black Christmas tree. I know it may sound, well . . . like you have a dead or burned tree to decorate, but it really can be quite attractive. No, you will not find one in my house, so don't expect it. My husband has still not recovered from my pink Christmas trees. However, black and white is a popular decorating scheme this year and it can look very classy if you want to get away from the traditional red and green. Most of the black trees have high gloss needles and can be very elegant. The ornaments must be bright and contrasting. I've also seen one decorated with solid white ornaments mixed with white ornaments that have a black flocked design on them. Target also has table linens to match the black and white holiday decor and they are actually quite attractive. I especially loved the black and white beaded table runner.

Other tree trends this year are green trees decorated in copper and teal ornaments. Copper is a very hot color in all home decor. Finish the look with brown feathers on top. This creates a very sophisticated look.

I am a huge fan of spray paint. My picture frames alone have been spray painted 4 different colors! I am known as the Spray Paint Queen in my family. However, even I had not thought to spray paint an artificial Christmas tree. Yes, you can do it and it really looks good. Pick the color that you would like to decorate with - for example, the new teal colors. You will need to have teal tree decorations that range from the very lightest color of teal to the darkest. Spray paint the outer branches lightly with the darkest tone of teal spray paint available. Once dry, layer your teal tree decorations light to dark. Very chic! Also, in keeping with the 2007 black and white trend, if you love white flocked trees, then get your spray paint out. Spray paint your ornaments black and then add silver and gun metal gray elements. This tree is stunning with icicles dripping on it.

Elements from nature are also a hot new look. Start with several tall glass vases. Spray paint branches from your yard using your theme color. Silver or gold are especially attractive. Put several inches of fake snow flakes (available at most stores) in the vases and then place the branches inside the vase. Very easy and cost effective! Along with the natural element trend, here is an idea to jazz up your wrapped packages. Spray paint leaves, twigs, pods, pine cones, etc. a metallic color. Tie or glue on to your wrapped packages. These really add elegance and are free!!

I also saw an idea for your wall area. In your entry way or a wall beside your tree, place one of the new Wall Decals. Here is how they work. Favorite holiday quotes are made into transfers. When completed, these transfers look as though they are printed on your wall. They are very elegantly done with scripted lettering and pretty flourishes. They are also very easy to apply. The transfers are printed on white paper. You place the paper on your wall and rub with a flat stick or burnishing tool. When you peel away the paper, the lettering is left on the wall. The great thing about this is that when the season is over, the lettering is completely removeable. It peels right off! My favorite quote was - "Faithful friends who are dear to us, gather near to us, once more." This was placed on the wall beside the Christmas tree. It was so beautiful. What a great way to make family and friends feel special.

Metallic trees are back and they are hotter than ever. I have seen them everywhere and in really bright colors - Teal, Purple, Hot Pink! One tree that was really stunning was a gold metallic tree decorated in green ornaments.

Here are some important tips to remember:

Work with what you have. Don't fight your everyday decor. Contrasting colors can really make a room pop for the holidays.

Accessorize for the holidays with items like curtains, throw rugs and pillows. It takes the room from everyday to holiday with no trouble at all.

Pre-strung garland and pre-lit trees are a great way to save time when decorating.
Finally, relax and enjoy it. After all, it only comes once per year!!!

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