Saturday, May 8, 2010


1. Allow for extra gas costs in your budget. You will go to Home Depot/Lowes/Wal-Mart/Ace Hardware at least 6 times per day.

2. When you return from one of these trips, remember to take your favorite black purse immediately to the back portion of your house. If you set it near the paint zone, white paint will suddenly appear on it. )<:

3. Never allow your sweet husband to carry any of the kitchen drawers. Enough said!

4. Do not be alarmed when you look in the mirror after a long week of sanding/painting. You have not turned into a “construction guy”! Quickly take a hot shower, wash your hair, put on makeup and throw away the painting outfit that you have worn continuously for a week. You will turn back into the woman that you once were.

5. You can do without water and your stove for up to 5 days. However, you will get cranky after that.

6. Remember to stay calm when a family member says, “You are still painting? I don’t think you will ever get finished. Maybe sometime in the summer, Ha, Ha, Ha!” They don’t understand and violence never helps a thing.

7. Strolling around your house looking for cooking utensils/serving dishes, etc. can be made into a fun event if you pretend that you are shopping. You can also get reacquainted with the items that were stored in the top of your cabinets.

8. Men do not understand that cabinet hardware is considered jewelry for your cabinets.

9. Man caves are not a fun to place to paint in and you can forget using the power tools. You have to wait until he gets home.

10. Always be thankful for a sweet husband who comes home and says, “Wow, this looks great! I think that you could do this professionally!” (Forget it sweet husband, I will not flip a house!)


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