Tuesday, April 6, 2010


After my dear husband went back to work, I spent the next week locked down in the Man Cave painting 23 doors and 7 drawers!

I got to the final coat and needed more paint. Back to Sherwin Williams for a quart to finish up the final coat of paint and then we could hang up our beautiful doors. I opened Paint Can #3 and painted all 23 doors.

 I noticed the paint did not seem as smooth, but felt it would dry fine. WRONG! (Never use Sherwin Williams Paint!) There were bumps all in the finish. It looked as though sand was in the paint. I literally sat down and cried. Of course, a call to SW resulted in them convincing me that I had something in the brush – the expensive brush that I had bought from them! My sweet husband felt so sorry for me that he went to SW, bought two new paint brushes and another can of paint (Paint Can #4). He also bought a new air compressor so that he could blow the doors off as I had to sand them all again. We made sure there was not an ounce of dust on any of them.

We started our Easter holiday with Paint Can #3 and as we applied the paint, we could clearly the sand/grains. We opened the new can (#4) and had the same results. We spent that day and the next going to 3 SW stores and all had contaminated paint (Cans # 5, 6, & 7). SW’s brilliant solution – they would give us paint that sort of matched and we could use that. A call to Corporate Headquarters on Monday resulted in that solution going away and today I went to pick up a new gallon of paint (Can #8) that had been strained 4 times. Hello, who has to strain brand new paint? I came home and applied the paint to one of the doors. The straining helped. Instead of large grains in the paint, there are millions of small ones! Have I mentioned never to use Sherwin Williams Paint! Can # 8 will go back to Sherwin Williams tomorrow. 

Our house has been torn apart for 3 weeks now.  This is just a small portion of the mess!

I am afraid that I am going to have to sand everything down and start all over, including the finished cabinets in the house.  Oh did I mention that it will not be with Sherwin Williams paint if I have to do that!  Not only have we wasted tons of time and energy, we have went through $$$$ of paint supplies and gas.  Anyone have any advice?

Sorry, the picture has a yellow hue to it, but these cabinets are white and gorgeous.  I do not want to have to sand them and start all over.  HELP!!!!!!

On a positive note, we have managed to do some other projects in the kitchen. I will give you just a little peek!
It is going to be gorgeous, but at this rate, I will not be able to show you the finished kitchen until summer!


Bobbie said...

Oh Karen, how horrible. I can just see you sitting there crying and I would have been right with you! We used S-W paint throughout our house - bought at the Bastrop store - and it's been fine. Wonder what's up??? Miss you. Got to plan a Baytown trip soon.

Leigh7880 said...

Oh NO! I am so terribly sorry and if I were you, I wouldn't stop until they reimbursed you for EVERYTHING so at least the paint/brushes would be FREE. I might even try to get them to pay for labor to have someone sand the doors or replace them. Seriously. They ruined your project with a faulty product and they admitted it when the strained the paint!

So. So. So. So. Sorry. Painting cabinets is such a hassle anyway - can't imagine your frustration!!

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